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  Hello CANYON LAKE TEXAS !!!  THANK YOU Peace to you and yours
     My name is Giuseppe Giacomazza and it is a pleasure to               bake for you my Pizza. Inspired and invented here in the             great state of TEXAS, I call it "TEXAS TWO TIMER PIZZA"             because of its birthplace and also because of the technique           used in baking
We are located on Rt 306 and Dam access rd.  Just down the street from granny D's in front of Canyon Cove RV park
Please take a moment and look at the menu before calling
                  ALL PIZZA 14 " size    210-710-2830
                                NOW BAKING !!

               ****** FRIDAY and SATURDAY *******

                           ALSO NOW AVAILABLE
                        CALL FOR DETAILS !!!!  

        Texas Two Timer " More Chesse please"           $16
Freash Handmade mozzarella cheese, low moisture mozarella cheese, imported Peccorino romano cheese, WI parm cheese garlic and basil
        Texas Two Timer " Pepperoni"                           $17
Low moisture Mozzarella, Boars head & Hormel spicy Pepperoni, Wisconsin Parm garlic and basil
        Texas Two Timer " The French Cowboy"           $18
Roasted peppered Ham,  a blend of Mozzarella, Cream and Gorgonzola cheeses, finished with garlic mushrooms, cream and WI parm. (homemade sauce)        
        Texas Two Timer "Roasted Sausage "               $16
Fresh ground Granzin's Market pork herb crusted and roasted in woodfired oven, mozzarella,  WI Parm cheese
        Texas Two Timer  "Veggie of the Day"
Oven Roasted roasted red peppers, Carmelized onions, Fresh garden herbs finished with Imported Kalamata Olives.
your choice ..ALL Mozzarella Cheese                          $17 or 
a blend of Goat Cheese, cream and mozzarella cheese $18

when available add
 wood fired roasted onions                                     $2.00
wood fired roasted garlis mushrooms                   $2.00  Herbcrusted oven roasted sausage                        $3.00 smoked Peppered Ham                                            $3.00

ALL PIZZAs  come with our homemade sauce and are 14" usually feeds two people.

All PIZZAs are made with organic wild yeast culture that I have been feeding for 11 years. No commercial yeast No bleached flours.  

All PIZZAs have a two day bread fermentation which means the bread has been highly digested by the wild yeast BEFORE you eat it.  

Hope to see you soon Thank you for the support ,kindness and generosity.  I am grateful 

God Bless
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